GAF Certified Commercial Roofing Services In Kansas City

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We are a Kansas-based roofing company specialized in top-quality roofing services for offices and other commercial properties at affordable rates.

We understand how important public image matters to property owners. And when it comes to your commercial property,  you need a seasoned commercial roofing pro to get the job done right, the very first time.

All thanks to our skilled and hard-working roofers, we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the most reliable and transparent commercial roofing contractors in the region.

Call on (913) 406-8652 and one of our highly trained executives will answer your queries.

Our Commercial Roofing Services Include

  • Commercial Flat Roofing

A non-sloped, flat roof is a common feature in a large number of commercial properties. It’s durable, cost-efficient and provides easy access that businesses can utilize for placing heavy equipment such as HVAC systems and other units.

  • Commercial Steel Roofing

Whether you are due for a strip, resheet or simply looking to replace your existing flat roof, we’re here to help you. Steel roofs last long (20-40 years) and offer tough resistance to the harshest weather conditions.  From repair, maintenance to installation, our metal roofers can help.

  • Commercial Roof Repair:

As a reputable commercial roofing contractor, we offer new installation, inspection, repairs & maintenance services in Kansas City. We only use quality materials to restore your roof back to its original best condition so that it lasts for years.

  • Thermoplastic Roofing:

Thermoplastic or TPO roofing systems are growing in popularity. They are durable, flexible and offer and high-temperature tolerance. Your abusiness can save money in utility bills in the future, and every commercial roofer would recommend it.

We Believe In Quality and Full Transparency

At Johnston Contracting, we believe in providing top quality commercial roofing services to our local clients in Kansas and beyond. Like some other regular roofers, we don’t try to cut corners or use inferior quality materials to save you money.

We take great pride in being a GAF certified contractor and give our clients the best bid with superior quality products with warranties. We are committed to keeping roofing services, top-notch at competitive rates in the market.

Contact us now to know how we can help you with your roofing needs.